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Jeffrey Squires and his firm focus on business litigation and business transactions.  The firm’s primary practice areas – a product of his experience of over 30 years and work he is doing for his current clientele – include litigation of business and commercial disputes resulting from corporate transactions; investment disputes between brokers and their customers; disputes involving intellectual property (principally copyright and trademarks); and a full range of issues faced by business entities, including contract and competition-related disputes and employment discrimination.  He has represented publicly-held companies and closely-held businesses, as well as not-for-profit entities, and has occasionally represented individuals with claims arising from their business activities or employment.

Mr. Squires has also represented business clients in international settings, in several Latin American countries (Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina), the United Kingdom, and several Western and Central European countries.  He has represented companies in Asia in international trade matters before agencies within the U.S. Commerce Department and the International Trade Commission.  And he has recently worked to form companies, with local counsel, in places ranging from England to Costa Rica to Ukraine.

The practice areas in which Jeffrey Squires and SquiresLaw concentrate, and his experience, are described in the following Firm Practice and Bio sections.  He welcomes clients with interesting and important legal problems and business needs, and invites your communications.  Please contact him by telephone or e-mail, as provided in the Contact section.

If there is a common thread to the practice of SquiresLaw, it is to represent clients who have more than run-of-the-mill legal needs.  Jeff Squires looks for clients with business issues that require legal experience and a problem-solving approach.  He takes pride in finding ways to help his clients reach their goals and at the same time, if at all possible, avoid prolonged and expensive litigation.